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Provident American Insurance Company provides flexible, high quality insurance products that will protect our policyholders when they need it the most.  Our products have been designed to offer protection for the health and well-being of families and individuals in every walk of life.

Covered Dental Services

Class I

Diagnostic - Routine exam once in 6 month period
Preventative - Teeth cleaning once in 6 month period
Radiography - Bitewing x-rays once in 6 month period for dependent children under age 18 and once in a 12 month period for dependent children age 18 and older, and full mouth x-rays or panographic x-rays when required by the Dentist but not more than once each 36 months

Class II

Restorative - Amalgam, filings
Oral Surgery - Extractions
Other - Space maintainers and recementation of crowns

Class III

Endodontics - Pulpal therapy and root canals
Periodontics - Gum diseases
* Coverage for insured Persons age 65 and older is limited to a maximum of $600 per calendar year
Crown and Cast Restorations
Prosthetics - Crowns, Bridges and Dentures

Benefits Per Calendar Year

  Per Insured
Maximum Per Insured


 Deductible Per Calendar Year

  Per Insured
Deductible per Insured $75.00

Waiting Period



Diagnostic and Preventive Dental Services (Class I) 0
Basic Dental Services (Class II) 6
Major Dental Services (Class III) 18

Dental Coinsurance Amount



1 2 3

Diagnostic and Preventive

90% 90% 90%

Basic Dental Services

60% 60% 60%

Major Dental Services

0% 50% 50%

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Dental Plan Features

  • Choose any dentist

  • Issued to age 75

  • No waiting period for class I (preventive) dental coverage

  • Coverage for preventive, basic and major dental services

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